Crimea referendum illegitimate – Ivan Kukhta


The referendum in Crimea scheduled for March 16 will not be legitimate, and Russia has no right to recognize its results, Ukrainian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Kukhta told reporters as he answered a question as to whether the Customs Union member-states, including prospective member Armenia, will have to recognize Crimea’s independence.

“Even if held, such a referendum will not have any legal force. So Crimean authorities have no right to apply to any states for joining it,” Kukhta said.

As regards Armenia’s position, he said:

“I cannot say anything about this position. I know the Armenian president made a relevant statement in Dublin that Armenia was for a peaceful settlement.”

Speaking of the position of the Armenian community in Ukraine, Ambassador Kukhta said that two Armenians were among the victims in the latest developments in Ukraine.

“In total, 120,000 Armenians were registered in Ukraine during the 2001 referendum. And this number of two or even three times as high now. This is a very large community, one of the ethnic minorities that have numerous historical and cultural monuments in our country. The Armenian community is very active and is represented in all the government bogies, including the Ukraine Rada,” Kukhta said.


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