Republican MP backs parliamentary minority’s consolidation plan


In an interview with, a lawmaker of Armenia’s ruling political force said he hails the non-ruling parliamentary parties’ consolidation proposal.
Hovhannes Sahakyan, who is the secretary of the ruling Republican faction in parliament, said the plan, if successful, would facilitate their future work in the legislative.
“We are interested in their consolidation. When those small political teams unite into a bigger entity, it becomes easier to work with the strong, rather than the weak. When they are small and unable to make an issue a topic for a debate, they shift the responsibility on us. They are now able to raise the questions they speak of. Hence it is much easier for us to oppose to them in this case. So we now express our position in public. I understand the disappointment that they now experience, as they did not see the flurry they wanted. It did not spur debates in either the society or among the political forces. So they now have to say that we behave this way internally or externally.
“Internally, we are quite calm, as everything goes smooth. We are in good shape, far from any disease, and we always avoid responding to insidious questions by others,” he said.


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