Five lessons to be learned from Ukraine crisis – Armenian politiician

Commenting on the Ukrainian political turmoil and the subsequent referendum in the autonomous region of Crimea, an Armenian politician said he thinks that those developments could teach five very important lessons to the mankind.
The first lesson, according to Ashot Manucharyan, a former member of the Karabakh committee, is that a nation standing up for a struggle must be attentive enough not to serve as a tool for foreign powers.
The politician said he is sure that Ukraine was used for foreign interests despite the active popular campaign that took many to the streets to put an end to corruption and inhuman life.
“People must never allow any attempts that could divert them from their goals,” he told a news conference.
The second lesson is that the world’s superpowers want to change the geopolitical arrangements, Manucharyan said, adding that Ukraine was used as a leverage for those purposes.
“The United States’ goal was to maintain the geopolitical arrangements putting restrictions on Russia, so it needed – yet another time – to put squeeze on Russia  which manages to say ‘no’ to the United states at times. Russia has to be surrounded by bloody vessels to grow quieter, and it doesn’t absolutely matter what the people in the region will experience,” he said, warning against any attempts of turning the country into a battleground.
Addressing the second lesson, Manucharyan noted that the world superpowers managed to use Ukraine as a lever for changing geopolitical arrangements.
And the third lesson is to prevent the dominance of pro-Western leaders, as was the case with Ukraine, the politician added.
The politician further pointed out to information warfare as the fourth lesson. “All are telling lies, just things to push people to steps that the world-dominating powers wanted,” he added.

As for the fifth lesson, he stressed the importance of maintaining the nation’s integrity.

“The [Armenian] people did not commit any error during the 1988-1990 [independence rallies]. The only mistake was that [Yerevan] Liberty Square was dissolved,” he said, referring to the roots of the Armenian nation’s liberation struggle in the late 1980’s.


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