Prosperous Armenia Party members embarrassed at fellow-member’s statement


The Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) avoids responding to Armenian National Congress (ANC) parliamentary group member Nikol Pashinyan’s accusations in response to PAP member Stepan Margaryan’s statement before the press conference that preceded the meeting between the Heritage party and the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP).

In response to’s question about the PAP’s aims in the context of its statement it does not seek to have its member as Armenia’s premier or President Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation, PAP member Aragats Akhoyan guessed at what his fellow-member could have meant: “He may have meant that it is not a struggle for posts.”

PAP Spokesman Tigran Urikhanyan said: “Have you ever heard us demand that our representative lead the government? And any possibility of a coalition is out of the question. Prosperous Armenia may have the only motive for leading the government – if it can implement its own policy.”

“Our activities are aimed at changing something in Armenian citizens’ life, improving the quality of people’s life,” he added.
Armenia’s government, especially the economic bloc, bears responsibility, but has failed.

“Therefore, their further activities are inadvisable – and it is not only our opinion, but it is also public opinion,” Urikhanyan said.

In response to’s remark that a number of businessmen-MPs representing the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) are on good terms with Armenia’s authorities and, particularly, with President Serzh Sargsyan – and support the parliamentary majority – Aragats Akhoyan said:

“Our country is small and, irrespective of their political positions, members of different political parties are good people and have friends. Friendship is not a political category.”


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